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June, 2019 | Localseo

Google Has Launched the New Portal for Small Businesses

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For celebrating the International Small Business Day, Google has launched the new website that will suggest its various products that seem like the best suitable for any of business. The Google for the Small Business portal was declared at the “GROW GOOGLE” Learning Center in NY City, where the company is going to offer a variety of workshops and classes. At the event, Kim Spalding, the global product director of Google for the small business ads, explained that the website “gives everyone the perfect place to start with the Google products”. She said, “Small business owners struggle with time” and particularly don’t have time to become experts on digital marketing. So, on the new website, they can enter the name of their organization and website (If they have the one). Then

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Insights on the Future of Research, Rank Data & Insights – Real-Time SEO

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Considering the latest trends in any given consumer industry, the interests of customers tend to change in a flash. It would not be an exaggeration to opine that AI-driven intelligently-automated technologies and continues connectedness is setting a new benchmark of offering service. Nowadays, people expect that the interaction with the brand will not be that intricate; rather, it will be at a customized level and immediately helpful. Another important fact to ponder is that most of the potential buyers crave for instantaneous contact to the real-time information regarding a product as well as services – be it “bring my food fast”, or “Alexa, will it rain today?” or “display the inventory to me” on Ikea’s site. It remains no doubt that all the digital marketers are pushin

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Your Online Competitors May Not Be Your Rivals

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If we ask who your competitors are then you could probably name two or three without even blinking but what if we told you that many of your competitors might not be your business rivals. When we think about our competitors, we mainly think about those companies that operate in the same market and deal with the same products or services like ours. Here it is important to understand that all the companies, blogs, social profiles, or business directories that dominate the first page of your target keywords are your true competitors. In case if they are not your direct competitors even then, you have to compete against them. Anyone who has occupied the search result space that you targeted is your real competition. Organic Non-Competition Your real competitors may rank for many of your ta

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