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February, 2020 | Localseo

Updates on Google Crawl and Indexing

Posted in Search Engine Optimization,SEO Google crawl and indexing update

In late 2019, Google announced a two-part update which was based on treating nofollows. The next part of this update will come on March 1, 2020. Nofollow Update This update will affect the crawling and indexing of all the nofollow links. Previously Google used to treat all the nofollow links as a directive. However, it will change on March 1st, 2020. From the 1st of March, Google will treat all the nofollow links as a hint for indexing, as well as for crawling.  The announcement from the house of Google was as follows, “For crawling and indexing purposes, nofollow will become a hint as of March 1, 2020.” Nofollow Policy Many people use nofollow to keep their pages from being crawled. Here it is important to understand that blocking Google from indexing and crawling w

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Mobile-First Indexing Best Practices Documentation Updates by Google Rolls out

Posted in Local SEO,SEO Mobile-First Indexing Best Practices

The best practices documentation on mobile-first indexing has been updated by Google. The new documentation contains a substantial amount of facts that were not there in the previous documentation. The documentation has a specific aim. It’s been crafted to help the owners of the website in setting the seal on the fact that they can provide the best user experience, while the users access the site from both desktop and mobile. In this post, I’ve come up with a comparison of the archived version of Google’s mobile first-indexing best practices and the latest edition of the same. I’ve created the comparison using the Wayback Machine. This has helped me a lot in pointing out the changes. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the new updates. Keep reading!! However,

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