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The SEO Importance of Heading Tags

Posted in SEO Importance of Heading Tags

John Mueller from Google has recently explained how to use H1, H2 and other HTML headings. In this explanation, he has shown how heading elements influence ranking. Background Back in the 2000s, headings like H1, H2, and H3 were an effective ranking factor. That time it was important for SEO experts to insert keywords on the heading elements for improving organic ranking. But now, keywords in headings don't play an important role, but still, many people take it as a common SEO practice. Now, most of the SEO experts insert keywords on their heading just out of habits. But while doing so, you also have to ensure that by adding keywords on your headings, you are making it useful to the users. If you are not making it useful, then there's no point of inserting keywords on headings

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Have a Look on Complete SEO Checklist for Recent Web Developers

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The website developers are not too savvy or dedicated as like the SEO experts when the time comes to make a website that performs well in the field of SEO. We all know that website development requires a lot of technical skills; however, SEO also requires technical skills. It is better to follow the Google’s checklist so that the professionals can follow the Google’s webmaster guidelines while moving ahead in the competition. This checklist mainly indicates factors like site speed, HTML development, site speed optimization and other development work taken as considered from the developer’s perspective in the niche of SEO. When you will go through the details below regarding the checklist, you can find out the potential bottlenecks that are associated with the website development.

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Importance of Website Speed for Search Engine Optimization

Posted in Local SEO

Google takes into account a number of essential aspects, in order to determine the rank of a website on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Generally, these factors are either associated with the authenticity of the site or relevance of the contents posted on the various pages of the site. But in the recent times, Google declared that the time taken by a website to load would also impact its rankings. According to the top-notch professionals of the digital marketing world, slow websites adversely affect the user experience, thus, one needs to get rid of them as soon as possible. In the following discussion, let us explore some of the pertinent ways by which a person could enhance his website’s speed. How can I increase my site’s speed? The experienced and reputed searc

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