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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
As a responsible digital marketing organization, we uphold a consolidated privacy policy for all
our clients. Zenith Solz values and respects your privacy; we only collect personal information
when you permit us by contacting us or registering with the site. As a digital marketing service
provider, we are bound to collect private credentials like cell phone numbers, addresses, and
names as and when required. In certain circumstances, if you upload and archive information,
we accumulate it for future correspondence.
Zenith Solz uses personal information for several purposes, including advertising and content
customization, link building, client contact and researches, request implementation for services
and products, and external and internal client reporting.
Information Sharing and Disclosure
As an autonomous organization, Zenith Solz stringently declines the practices of selling, renting
and sharing personal facts with unauthorized & debarred business entities or anonymous
individuals, apart from offering services and products on request, only when we have the
legitimate permissions under the following circumstances: –
 We enthusiastically respond to legal subpoenas, actions and court orders to establish or
exercise our legal rights while shielding a particular legal claim.
 Sharing information is something that we consider highly crucial because that helps to
investigate, prevent and undertake necessary actions against illegal activities &
suspected fraud or any other random illegal activity that presents potential threats to
the safety and security of an individual, infringement of the company’s terms of use as
predetermined by the law concerned.
 We strictly refrain from disclosing highly confidential credit card information and strictly
abide by the payment guidelines proposed by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and
Service Terms and Conditions, Concerned Notices and Revisions
Once you consider opting for Zenith Solz's services, the visit to the website and other disputes
associated with the privacy policy will be subject to the service terms and conditions. This
notice includes every necessary restriction on successive damages, settlement of disputes and
the jurisdiction of the law of India.

For further questions and queries regarding the privacy policy of Zenith Solz, do not hesitate to
send a detailed report to We will try to clarify all your queries and
provide you with the necessary information and guidance.
Our business policies and agendas are subject to changes; thus, the conditions and terms of the
notice and the terms of use are also subject to revisions. Checking the website at regular
intervals will help you to be aware of the necessary changes that take place down the line.
Copyright Policy
Zenith Solz owns legitimate photo licenses and copyrights from external image providers, which
lawfully cover every digital imagery and transcript of documents used in Copyright extensions owned by Zenith Solz cover the other
related site content indexes.
Restricted Use
It is duly stated that the site visitors shall not breach the company copyright policies by
unlawfully reproducing, distributing, copying, downloading and selling any copyright-protected
image, documents and content of the website.
To avoid even the slightest chance of doubt, we do not provide any authorized permission for
the transfer of any website material to an open Internet website. For any queries and
permissions, you can contact us at We monitor the web regularly to
restrict the chances of forgery and supervise the future violating actions against our privacy
policies, we
We Are Not Responsible for the External Linked Site?
The external sites linked to the respective website of Zenith Solz have not been reviewed and
authorized by us. Thus we do not undertake any responsibility for the contents of any such
linked sites.
The forced inclusion or generation of a link does not necessarily imply any forced approval or
endorsement done by the company. Uninformed use of any such illegally linked website is at
the user's or visitor’s own risk.

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