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Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller Tells How to Rank Your Inner Pages

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Recently, at the Webmaster Hangout, the webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller provide the tips about how to fix your Home Page ranking for the keyword phrase when your inner page is the main priority. On The Signals That Indicate Your Webpage Requires Ranking Over Home Page- John Mueller said that- “You said Google’s algorithm doesn’t automatically favor the homepage ranking above other pages. What should we do to let Google know that a blog post for example should be ranking for a certain page term rather than the home page. If we have a small website, how do we present clear signals to show Google that this blog post is the better page for certain search terms even though the home page probably has most internal links pointing to it?” It is the issue when the Home

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Google’s AI Search – Insight on Content and Ranking Factors

Posted in Local SEO

While I was analyzing a wide range of factors responsible for the ranking of the sites this year, I have confirmed with the direction my pre-conceived thoughts for the ranking factors, after discussing with some of the leading SEOs. I must admit the fact that there have been dramatic changes made in Google’s algorithm. Of course, ranking factors matter a lot but content factors at the same time continue to play an instrumental role. Evolvement of the SEO Ranking Factors It is true that search engines progress way quicker even than it is relevant for SEO business since the latter is in a continuous stage of moving up. Let’s have a brief for the evolvement of different SEO ranking factors. Statistical Analysis in 2005 It was one of the major evaluations in the algorithms of

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The Five Types of Content Everyone Wants to Link to

Posted in Content Marketing

According to highly reputed digital marketers, among all strategies readily available, content is perhaps the most important, and hence paying maximum attention while fabricating it stands to be mandatory. In addition to engaging targeted audience for a prolonged period, you must also make sure that whatever you are publishing scores authentic links. Now starting from images and videos to charts and graphs- the list is quite extensive and worth being aware of. For details, readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers. Evergreen Content includes frequently asked questions (FAQs), guidelines, explainers, infographics, etc. Owing to being always relevant, resource-focused, instructional, and highly authority-gaining, it has managed to a

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