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Planning to Reduce Digital Marketing Efforts Because of COVID-19? Check this First!

Planning to Reduce Digital Marketing Efforts Because of COVID-19? Check this First!

Posted on March 25, 2020 Posted in Content Marketing,local search engine marketing,Online Marketing Strategy,Search Engine Optimization,SEO

This post puts some advice related to paid search accounts and makes people aware of content marketing during the outbreak of Coronavirus.

In a situation of emergency like this, certain businesses offering “essential needs” are thriving, but other than that, most of the other businesses have witnessed a performance drop of -20% or worse for more than two weeks now.

Because of unexpected and sudden loss in the revenue, most of the businesses are now enforced into exchanges on trimming their overall budgets and boost their competence.

But what does all this actually indicate for different funds for digital marketing that are already been made? In a survey (of course conducted with utmost precautionary measures and following the measures), professionals from different industries were reached to get guidance to increase results during the era of this Global Pandemic – COVID-19.

Be Very Careful – All the Analytics Data of Your Business Is Expected to Be Slanted

Before jumping into the distinct channel endorsements, first, focus on the resources to examine them. Brett Patterson, Lead of Digital Analytics from Siteimprove, has got an essential tip related to analytics data.

“Internal traffic is not internal! With so many employees working remotely right now, this may influence your digital analytics data! Your typical filter won’t catch workers working remotely unless they are possibly using a VPN or other remote network connection. This means your employees might be counted in your analytics metrics, even though you had previously created a filter for this.”

– Brett Patterson

Brett has even made further recommendations for enlisting a footnote in the analytics account, as it is very implausible for a solution to exist to live up to the analytics account. It is also imperative to retain this into consideration while reporting and measuring out on the efforts related to digital marketing.

Minimize Paid Search and Social Media? Or to Buckle Up for Day-to-day Management?

It is no new that during the outbreak of Pandemic COVID-19, there has been an extensive fall in the search demand. In case the offering your company does not adhere to the “essential needs,” then you might certainly want to ponder hauling back everything put for paid search. Inability to minimize spend can turn the most moneymaking drives turn undesirable for Return on Ad Spend (RAOS).  Make sure to proceed with utmost caution if your product or services does not come on the top priority list of the consumers at the present moment.

On the other side of the story, bids in most of the industries have witnessed the highest low ever. This is because of the fact that the advisers are making minimum bids and have reduced their budgets. But in case your business has products or services with high demand even now also, never think twice to maximize the ad spend. The only thing you need to be careful about is RAOS.

President of Elumynt, Jeff Snyder stated that

“As conversion rates, CPMs and CPCs are in flux; you will likely need to be more hands-on than usual. On the search side, if you are using Smart Bidding, consider switching to manual bidding, or at the very least, reevaluate your Max CPC setting to account for changes in the landscape. On social, with more eyeballs at home, you may find you can significantly increase reach within your top-performing audiences. Be ready to shift budget, change bids, and tweak your campaigns daily.”

Boost Email

Most of us will agree with us that email is inexpensive and operative too. Bearing in mind, you can’t influence the search demand – this leads you to reduce paid media/search potentially – you might also be able to nail back a certain scale with the email drives. For certain industries, it is as simple as giving customers a reminder that despite the lockdown of the brick and mortar stores, they can get all the goods through online.

It is extremely important to be aware regarding the urgency of the global pandemic COVIC-19 and make sure your clientele that you are there to help. This is not the right time to rigid trade or to take advantage of the specialized COVID-19 deals.

One of the senior Content Strategist, Alex McPeak, came up with an excellent post on – “How to Communicate with Empathy during Coronavirus.”

“While you may want to give customers free shipping, making your discount code ‘COVID19’ or ‘coronavirus’ is not how you want to represent your brand when it comes to conveying sensitive subject matter.”

  • Alex McPeak

It is true that email alone won’t be able to compensate for all the current performance-based losses, but on the contrary, it is also true that the brands that will showcase worth and inculcate conviction from the potential clients will certainly pay dividends at the time of certainty later.

Continue Leveraging SEO and Content Marketing

Just like paid search, professionals everywhere are witnessing performance-based harms in the organic network because of a drastic fall in the global search demand. Dissimilar to paid search or social media, it is always recommended to continue the execution of the SEO as well as the content marketing efforts.

After analyzing several websites that have witnessed a significant drop in organic performances, it seems that most of them have regular keyword standings. Google Search Console has also displayed a substantial fall in the search impressions instead of rankings being at the same position. Now, this further authenticates that this does not have anything to do with ranking issues, but it is a drop in the search demand because of COVID-19.

In case you pick to minimize the budget in the SEO and strategies related to content marketing, it will significantly risk the organic rankings. As soon as the search demands get back to its place (which will certainly happen), businesses will still attract minimum organic traffic considerably than before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic took place. Presently, it is crucial to maintain the SEO campaign – if not raise.

CEO of From the Future, Nick Eubanks, have stated recently in his blog post

“I personally believe that companies that continue to execute on their planned digital marketing campaigns, and more specifically, on their planned content and conversion strategies around SEO as an acquisition channel, will be poised for faster (and more effective) recovery when we come out the other side.”

  • Nick Eubanks

Make Sure to Stay Safe, Kind and Market Professionally

In such a time of urgency and uncertainty, the businesses need to prioritize the safety of the consumers and employees. Make sure to be sympathetic and get acquainted with the present scenario. The businesses doing this will undoubtedly rebound rapidly after the withdrawal of the COVID-19 pandemic. Till then, it is imperative to be perilous of the digital marketing strategies and double-down on the thin efficiency.

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