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December, 2019 | Localseo

Top 3 White Hat Link Building Strategies for 2020

Posted in Link Building,SEO White Hat Link Building Strategies

Content and links are the two most important SEO ranking factors. If you post content without any link, then it will limit your referral traffic. It will also hinder your ranking potential. So it is easy to understand that building links is highly important for improving SEO rank. But before you start building links, you need to understand the fact that Google has set some strict guidelines for link building. Here comes the biggest question, how you can acquire links from top-tier websites without breaking any rule of Google. In this post, we will discuss the top 3 ethical link building strategies that you can follow to build high-quality links in 2020. Journalistic Source of Information By providing a journalistic source of information, you can easily build links. So here com

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How to Get Ready for PPC in 2020?

Posted in PPC How to Get Ready for PPC in 2020

December is the less busy time of the year. Many people go on a vacation during this time of the year, and the business slows down. Well, in this period, you can consider putting your time and effort on preparing a futuristic PPC strategy. So continue reading to know the four tips which will help you to level up your PPC game in 2020.   Data Studio This is an online tool that Google has developed so that users can easily connect to the data sources. If you report to your clients or your manager in the form of an excel sheet, this is the best tool that you should consider using. The tool will give you the chance to customise reports according to your preference. By using the tool, you can also update the data whenever you want. Here it is also important for marketers to

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5 PPC Trends for 2020 – Shape Your Paid Search Marketing Efforts

Posted in PPC 5 PPC Trends for 2020

Predicting the future has never been an easy job. The job gets even harder when it comes to PPC. It's a difficult job to always stay updated with the latest algorithm of Google, YouTube and Bing. Adopting the changes and learning new things are even harder. But in this post, we have made things easier for you. Here we will talk about the five upcoming PPC trends which will surely drive result in 2020 and boost the performance of your business. Segmentation At first, you have to focus on audience segmentation. You have to segment your visitors based on the following 3 parameters: The URLs that they have visited on your website The videos that they have watched on your website The way they have interacted with your site If you manage to identify how your visitors h

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