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Success Can’t Be Assured without Content Gap Analysis – Know Why

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No one tries to bake cookies without knowing the proper recipe. It can lead you to mistakes like perhaps you forget to use baking soda and your cookies do not rise. A website that deals with the recipes cannot last long if it only provides half of the ingredient or the process and left out the other steps. It will lead their users to go some other website to fill the gaps. In reality, the fact is your content marketing strategy is no big difference than a chocolate chip cookie recipe. The more comprehensively you answer the queries of your customers the more able you become to create leads. A complete content marketing strategy will help you to ensure that your potential customers are sticking with you or unless they will end up buying from your competitors. Content Gap Analys

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Top 11 Actionable SEO Tips to Enhance Organic Web Traffic

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Acquiring higher rankings over the search engine is tough indeed. If you are also struggling hard to get started with the concept of SEO or want to build your existing campaign then go through the compiled list of top 11 SEO actionable tips below. Considering the online trend you will get a significant amount of misinformation regarding SEO and it seems like everyone has got great expertise in SEO. One of the biggest areas of concern is to trust the information available online. This is why experts always recommended to test out anything and everything available online prior to authenticating the same as a good idea. Below discussed are some of the proven SEO tips and they have been used in different types of campaigns in order to enhance the organic traffic. The best thing is that t

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All You Need to Know About Keyword Cannibalization and Handling It

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When it comes to online digital market, there is a very common misconception that higher the number of pages you will target a keyword, the better the ranking you will get for that keyword. And one of the major belief behind this fact is that the maximum number of pages you are trumpeting your niche, search engine giant like Google will pick up keywords more and will maximize the rankings on SERPs. Well, it’s quite unfortunate but it’s not true at all. In fact, when you are targeting a specific keyword across a number of pages, then it will have completely exact meaning. The results will be completely opposite and you will end up making harm rather than making good for your SEO. The reason is very simple and straightforward! Consider a situation when you have a number of page

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