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Top 11 Actionable SEO Tips to Enhance Organic Web Traffic

Top 11 Actionable SEO Tips to Enhance Organic Web Traffic

Posted on September 21, 2017 Posted in Online Marketing Strategy,Search Engine Optimization,SEM,SEO,SMM

Acquiring higher rankings over the search engine is tough indeed. If you are also struggling hard to get started with the concept of SEO or want to build your existing campaign then go through the compiled list of top 11 SEO actionable tips below.

Considering the online trend you will get a significant amount of misinformation regarding SEO and it seems like everyone has got great expertise in SEO. One of the biggest areas of concern is to trust the information available online. This is why experts always recommended to test out anything and everything available online prior to authenticating the same as a good idea.

Below discussed are some of the proven SEO tips and they have been used in different types of campaigns in order to enhance the organic traffic. The best thing is that the tips are applicable for both early start-ups to small businesses and even for giant public companies.

  1. Rank Your Content in Google’s Featured SnippetYou might have encountered with Google’s Featured snippet within the search results. These are seen frequently for questions based keywords like “how to create a graph in excel”.

Featured Snippet SERP

It is important to note that the Features snippet exclusive in the primary page of Google is indeed a vital section to place your content. As per the reports from a study, there are different features that subsidize greatly for higher ranking inside the Featured snippet. Check out the pointers discussed below.

  • It is important to have target search keyword within any given HTML headers like H2, H3, etc.
  • If you are already on page one of Google, then links do not remain important any longer for ranking in the Featured snippet.
  • It is not necessary that Google will always embrace an entire paragraph having text in the Featured snippet.
  • The answer with a word length of 54-58 should be added just below the header having the target keyword.
  • The Featured snippet that starts logically are preferred the most by Google.

One can also use different tools like SEMrush to catch different keywords that you rank for the Featured snippet. After identifying the opportunities for Featured snippet, follow through the prevailing content and make sure to follow the guidelines discussed above. In this way, you will start noticing certain improvements in the forthcoming weeks and it will be even more fruitful if your rank lies in the top 5 of page 1.

2. Reclamation of Links

The effectiveness of this SEO tip depends on the type of your business. If it is a large business then this technique can help to get thousands of new links and it requires very little effort too. This technique is all about finding someone when you are mentioned by someone, or about your business, products or services that too without linking back to you in reality. After getting that someone who has done all this, you can simply connect with them and then simply request to compliment a link to your website.

The process is extremely simple and the best part is that the conversion rate, as well as the return of your time particularly with this technique, is amazingly high. Below mentioned are some steps involved in the process of scaling.

Step 1: Evaluate Brand Mentions

This step is intended to find out the time when you are being mentioned over the web/online. Ensure that you eliminate any given mentions in your own website in the alert and it can be done within the settings.

Step 2: Set Email Alerts on Regular Basis

After setting an alert within Mention, make sure to opt for “Manage Notifications”. This will help you to get regular updates in the form of daily digest email to any mentions.

Step 3: Check Links

Checking links on daily basis will be of great help to have a fast manual check.

Step 4: Collecting Contact Details

The ‘contact’ or the ‘about us’ page is the best place to start communicating with the website author so that you request to update the mention related to you or your brand.

Step 5: Reaching Out

Once you have got the contact details of the website owner, you must not delay getting connected with them as early as possible in order to add a link to your website.

Experts recommend people to use tools like BuzzStream to accomplish the outreach method as it helps you to save the email templates in the given platform and also to check out the response rate.

3. Community Hijacking

Considering the factors like link generation as well as link building, this is one of the most effective techniques. It shows its effectiveness and it varies from industry to industry and it is for sure that you will be able to take benefit of the same.

The process of community hijacking is planned to check out the online communities that are made up of the target market and even the people that can influence out to the target market. This helps immensely in building an association with them and allows them to promote your brand, products, and even the content also.

4. Boost Underperforming Content

It remains no doubt that a significant amount of organic traffic for the websites as well as leads comes from a small percentage of the total content on the site.

The scenario is similar to the most of the projects undertaken by the experts. The best thing is that this technique comes with a number of opportunities even if you don’t see it immediately. You might often come across a situation when you will be offered with a bunch of content that is ranking on 2nd or 3rd page for the targeted keywords.

5. Competitor Link Analysis

There are a lot of resources available surrounding the competitive link analysis but whenever people working on SEO projects are consulted, they have suggested that they should focus more on the same.
Irrespective of the size of the project, competitor link analysis is one of the most important and the primary things to do whenever mapping a new campaign. This technique works equally for small business entities and even for the blue-chip enterprises.

Things Involved in this Technique

  • Looking for the opportunities where you can get similar links.
  • Checking out the websites as well as the specific web pages that are linked to each other.
  • Assembling a brief list of competitors within the industry.

All it can be said that this is one of the simplest methods and it takes stretch longer, especially doing the same for a certain number of times.

 6. Transcribe Video Content

Video content is considered as one of the most effective ways to drive attention of the visitors. As per the latest statistics, Facebook users are watching more than 100 million hours of video every day on the social network alone. The overall concept for the video content is becoming one of the most profitable and cost-effective formats for the advertisers.

7. Update and Republish Old Content

In case your blog lists out the individual posts in chronological order, then as the blog posts get old, it will lower down the website architecture. Generally, it is said that higher the website architecture of page, the more powerful the page is. And this is the major reason for which homepages are considered as the most powerful pages of any given website.

website architectureThings that happen in this technique:

  • You will push the blog post a few levels higher in the website architecture as now it will be on the top page of your blog section.
  • You will be adding more relevant content in your blog section and thus it will increase the on-page SEO targeted in contradiction of the focused keywords.

8.    Run Co-Marketing Campaigns

Co-marketing is one of the powerful ways to tap into the audiences larger than just your own to social engagements, links, drive leads and lot more. The best part is that this technique is not just reserved for the big brands.

Some popular ideas of having co-marketing campaigns include:

  • Joint webinars
  • Charitable causes
  • Incentives or awards campaigns
  • Reports based on the authentic data from different brands
  • A joint case study
  • Online training/courses
  • Events

9.    Link to Influencers Within Your Content

It might emerge strangely but linking out to the relevant external website hardly impacts the search rankings of a website. Linking with the content written by the influencers inside the industry helps to get the content shared. This is something which is done by the experts for a number of years in order to enhance the conversion rate of the outreach emails. Check out some of the important steps to carry out the process.

  • Accumulating a list of the influencers that are relevant to your content
  • Finding resources from the influencers that can be linked with
  • Collecting social media accounts as well as email addresses
  • Publishing the content with the links to resources that are written by the influencers
  • Reaching out to every influencer through email and letting them know that they are featured

10.    Build a Linkable Asset

Links are so far the most valuable things to have in order to rank for the competitive keywords. Websites having end number of links pointing towards their domain are still required to earn links to their individual pieces of content in order to rank well.

One great way to rank for higher competitive search terms is to build out highly-linkable assets that are either geared towards ranking for the particular keyword.

11.    Get Product Reviews Using Influence Platforms

In case you are marketing your range of products, then you will be able to utilize the influencer platforms to link up with the bloggers so that it can promote you.

Final Words

Depending on the factors that how the influential person you are working with, the overall price for the campaign will vary. The tips discussed above will be of great help for the businesses as it will serve their basis and the most vital requirements, i.e., to increase the flow of organic web traffic to their website. In case of any please let us know below in the comment section.







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