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Mobile-First Indexing Best Practices Documentation Updates by Google Rolls out

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The best practices documentation on mobile-first indexing has been updated by Google. The new documentation contains a substantial amount of facts that were not there in the previous documentation. The documentation has a specific aim. It’s been crafted to help the owners of the website in setting the seal on the fact that they can provide the best user experience, while the users access the site from both desktop and mobile. In this post, I’ve come up with a comparison of the archived version of Google’s mobile first-indexing best practices and the latest edition of the same. I’ve created the comparison using the Wayback Machine. This has helped me a lot in pointing out the changes. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the new updates. Keep reading!! However,

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What is Right for You: Global or Local Website?

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International SEO (search engine optimization) largely depends upon geotargeting, which, when not implemented with caution can, unfortunately, cause problems for the global website owners. Starting from hosting location and domain to IP detection, localization, and hreflang, geotargeting is primarily discussed in terms of technical SEO, or in other words, how exactly Google and other major search engines pinpoint target location of websites. But we do not build websites for the search engines. Our chief objective is to reach larger segments of the population quickly. Owing to a global website, entrepreneurs can interact with audiences beyond geographical boundaries in a seamless manner. Besides obeying prevalent laws and regulations, for staying ahead of local websites, global websites

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Local SEO Checklist – A 50-Point Audit to Get Started

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If you run a local or multi-location company, then you can grow your business a lot with the help of local SEO. It will help you to drive local traffic to your site and allow your business to grow your business exponentially. It is easy to understand the importance of local SEO but making your site ready for the local customers is still a difficult job because local SEO ranking factors are still a black box. Nobody knows what Google values when it comes to local SEO. But from our experiences and different studies, we can tell you about those factors that have a real impact on the Google ranking. In this post, we will discuss some of the most effective on-site and off-site things that you need to check in order to level up your local SEO performance. These action-oriented checklist

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