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Success Can’t Be Assured without Content Gap Analysis – Know Why

Success Can’t Be Assured without Content Gap Analysis – Know Why

Posted on December 20, 2017 Posted in Content Marketing,Online Marketing Strategy,Search Engine Optimization

No one tries to bake cookies without knowing the proper recipe. It can lead you to mistakes like perhaps you forget to use baking soda and your cookies do not rise.

A website that deals with the recipes cannot last long if it only provides half of the ingredient or the process and left out the other steps. It will lead their users to go some other website to fill the gaps.

Content Gap Analysis

In reality, the fact is your content marketing strategy is no big difference than a chocolate chip cookie recipe. The more comprehensively you answer the queries of your customers the more able you become to create leads. A complete content marketing strategy will help you to ensure that your potential customers are sticking with you or unless they will end up buying from your competitors.

Content Gap Analysis

This is simple and simultaneously complicated process at the same time. In this process, marketers try to understand the primary questions of their potential clients.

A comprehensive content gap analysis goes far beyond the standing of keyword ranking. You can use the following platforms to fix the gap:

  1. Site pages
  2. Landing pages
  3. Blog pages
  4. Emails
  5. Paid ad content
  6. Premium content like Whitepapers, Ebooks and more
  7. In-app messages
  8. Social media platforms
  9. Different types of content distribution platform

It is really important to assess how you are utilizing each of the above content platforms to fill the gap. You will also need the best strategy to find and cover it.

Significance of Buyer’s Journey

You cannot analyze the gap without mapping the key points that are crucial for attracting your potential buyers to complete the purchase process just like the way you cannot verify that you have a complete cookie recipe without the necessary list of ingredients.

Today’ voice search and other similar tools have made it really easier for consumers to access information at a rapid speed. So businesses have to be always ready to provide the answers.

Here is an example of buyer’s journey that we use with clients:

Content Gap Analysis chart

In this template, you will get space for goals, triggers, messaging for each phase and pain points. In the end, you will be able to map out visually where the gap actually exists.

The Role of Keywords

A good online marketer understands the importance of ranking for a keyword that also matches the intention of searchers.

The renowned writer Jenny Halasz, use the KICC method to optimize the keyword strategy that stands for:

  • Keyword mapping
  • Intention analysis
  • Click-through rate (CTR) optimization
  • Content gap analysis

It is important to understand the intention behind a keyword as it plays a crucial role in content gap analyzing. So, in case you optimize a keyword for a wrong keyword then it could dramatically affect your campaign.

If you pay a closer look then you will understand in the early stage of a buyer’s journey keywords are more long-tail and they are heavy in nature with the 5 “W”s (what, why, where, when, who). So when customers are in the first stage of their journey you should not hit them with sales drives piece of content.

Meanwhile, if your customers look for more BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) keywords like the comparison between competitors, price, review etc. then you comparison rate will get down if you do not have the right BOFU calls to action.

Why You Should Conduct a Gap Analysis

Hope you have already understood the fact that not conducting a content gap analysis can potentially harm the performance of your business. Here are some more reasons that will help you to understand the importance of content gap analysis.

1. Finding the Right Keyword and Using Them in the Suitable Context

We have already discussed in details the importance of keyword strategy when it comes to attracting the right visitors to your website. Not conducting content gap analysis means you are taking a risk of showing potential customers wrong content at the wrong time.

2. Foster Your Leads throughout the Journey of the Buyer

After understanding the journey of the buyers from product awareness to making a decision, you will be able to answer all the questions of your potential buyers. The content gap analysis will help you to influence the purchase process of your buyers.

3. Preventing Potential Customers from Going to the Competitors

If you do not answer all the questions then your potential customers will obviously go somewhere else to seek the answers. So you also need to conduct a content gap analysis to reduce the bounce rate of your potential customers and preventing them from taking competitor’s help.

4. Providing the Right CTA Button at the Right Time

Finally, you have to place the proper call to action button in the right position of your content. The content gap analysis will help you capture more audiences and turning them into leads and increasing sales.

Final Words – Things to Keep in Mind

Most of the search marketers are victims of “shiny object syndrome.” They look for high search volume keywords and push for BOFU “buy now” content with the hope that it will generate leads as per their expectation.

When it comes to generating sales, driving only traffic to your website is not enough. You have to focus on creating quality leads. To do that you have to optimize the user experience of your potential buyers by proving them the right content at the right time.

After understanding the question, points, and pain of your buyers that they will have during their purchasing journey, you can review your content strategy and put the right material at the right place. It will ensure that customers are satisfied with your brand. As a result, you will be to increase the conversion rate.

Do you still have any question regarding content gap analysis or asses? Feel free to ask your question by leaving us a mail.


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