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Steps to Get Acquainted with SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

Steps to Get Acquainted with SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

Posted on November 3, 2017 Posted in Content Marketing,Search Engine Optimization

Being working as a digital marketing consultant for quite long in the market, many times I come across agencies where SEO strategies and content marketing does not go hand in hand, whereas they should have been together. On the top of that, the biggest shock to me is that the agencies are having a conflict with the content marketing strategies and SEO with each other. Well, this is indeed old-style thinking and there must be an end to it.

Content Marketing & SEO Together Offers Best Results

  • SEO alone is not that effective
  • Having top-notch quality of content also doesn’t make any use

These two truths become even more crucial when it is all about awfully competitive niches. Suppose you need to search for content marketing on Google, what would be the sites you’d like to see?

  • Wikipedia
  • Forbes
  • Moz
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Copyblogger

Well, most of you will agree with the options given and most will not. Anyways, do you see anything common in all the options mentioned above?

Well, they have got remarkable trust among the users available online as well as the website owners. This is the reason they are on the top of the list and getting millions of visitors by each passing day.
Do you know that how rich or exclusive your content is, it is going to be mercilessly tough for you to outrank them from the top positions?

This is why it is said that every time you publish a new post, you should not only keep in mind what’s trending and what the customers are looking for but it is also imperative to keep in mind that what kind of posts now have got the higher chances to fetch maximum links.

This particular post mainly deals with the fact how exactly digital marketers can find out the appropriate keywords in order to get a competitive advantage. Along with that, it will also shed light on the number of inbound links the post needs to get onto the top of the first of Google search result.

Step 1: Start with Determining the Present Situation in Google

First, start finding the keywords that are already helping you in getting traffic and conversions. If you are connected with the Google Search Console account then you can get to search the queries in the Google Analytics Account.

google analytics report

But there is a catch, wait! Even you get connected with the Google Search Console, you won’t be allowed to see the keywords that have been converted through Google Analytics. It is highly unfortunate that Google only allows marketers to check out the data specifically for the landing pages.

Then you get to see tools like Ahrefs, SpyFu, SEMrush or SERPstat and they come into foreplay to offer you with the mislaid enigma of the data.

The best thing is that the abovementioned tools will let you marketers to see that for which particular keywords a given URL appears on Google. Interestingly, they will also show that how far your website is from a specific keyword that top the Google search results and the information will be updated just right next to the chosen keyword.

For your convenience, I have given a screenshot from the SEMrush. I used one of my articles to get the answers for each of the queries.

Note: Please see on the right of every keyword and you will be able to see the exact position of that particular keyword along with its volume of search.

search inside report

Step 2: Start Finding the Correlated Keywords

Keep in mind the findings of step 1 and start finding the identical keywords.

Suppose, just for the sake of consideration, you get the maximum rate of conversions for the keywords that are related to content market strategy. Needless to mention that it is indeed an excellent idea to create more and more content using the same keywords related to that particular subject.

But Why?

One of the biggest reasons is that such keywords reflect the search behavior of your targeted audience. In addition to that, they have also got the potential to reward you with a maximum number of paying clients.
Now the question arises, how you can find these keywords? You can start with checking Autocomplete from Google. The suggestions of autocomplete given manually should also be given equal priority. Next is, you can make use of the tools like

It is important to identify the fact that which particular subject connects well with the targeted audience before you start thinking about the title for your next content. This is where Answer The Public comes into foreplay.

Higher the number of different keywords you try, more new ideas for your content you will get. The results that you obtain are mainly demonstrated based on the disparities used to build them. They can be downloaded as an image like the one shown below.

content marketing

For better convenience, you can also make use of the tool like The best thing about this tool is that it efficiently scrapes Google Autosuggest and offers the user with the search volume for each keyword that you will enter. Another best thing about this tool is that it can help you save a significant amount of time as it will allow you to know the search volume for every given keyword. This will help you to assess how many customers can use this keyword to get onto the board.

Another in the list is SEMrush Keyword Magic tool. This tool helps you to avail vital information about the keywords and factoring in the metrics automatically like:

  • SERP features
  • Level of competition
  • Difficulty level of the keyword
  • Volume and CPC (Although very common but are great importance)
  • Broad and exact keyword matches

With the help of this tool, you can easily gather the date you require and can be offered with a comprehensive range of analysis both for single and keywords in groups.

Step 3: Evaluate the Competition in SERPs

Now since you have the list of the keywords that are correlated with most of the search queries, the time has come to choose the keywords through which you aim to rank higher in Google.

If you follow the lucid process discussed below, you can make it actually hassle-free:

Makes sure to collect the list of the pages as well as domains (URLs) that gets higher ranking on Google for the keywords you’ve selected in step 2. In order to make things faster, you can make use of SEMrsuh as it will allow you to export the list of the pages and domains.

The similar actions can also be executed with the help of Ahrefs Site Explorer. Check out the image given below.

serp overview of article

Any tool you make use of, you will be shown with the ranking difficulty for the keyword you have entered. On the top of that, you will also be offered with

  • The detailed explanation of a total number of keywords are there in the URL as well as in the title
  • The search results
  • Total number of clicks

After gathering all the domains and URLs, you need to check out the number of denoting domains for each of them. This can be done with the help of the tools like Majestic Bulk Backlink Checker or Ahrefs. These will help you to analyze multiple links at once.

After doing all these, you will be having a significant understanding of different types of a keyword having less or more competition. The results will come out not only on the search volume but also on the current situation in the SERPs.

Well, now you can easily assess the total number of visitors you will attract in a month along with the conversions that you will be earing potentially. The reason is that you have researched more about the keywords that are associated with the most profitable ones.

Final Words

All it can be said that you should work with what you have. Check out the keywords that are bringing maximum number of traffic as well as enhancing the sales figure through local search engine optimization services. It is also important to determine how the URLs of your websites are performing in order to find out the total number of referring domains all your pages require to remain visible in the search results. Make sure that you touch the topics in which the audience takes more interest.

Remember that you need to play smart by taking small steps and by making effective use of the keywords that will help you to get to the top eventually.


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