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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
We firmly proclaim that each of the materials posted and published on our website, like
website design, images, content, reviews, logo, graphics, layout, trademarks etc., are the sole
property of Zenith Solz. It is not permissible to copy, transfer, use, modify, distribute or exploit
our website’s intellectual property for commercial or non-commercial use. Without any written
consent of the owner, no one is allowed to use our business name and logo for promotion or
publicity purposes.
All the rights of revising the “terms & conditions” and URLs are preserved to us, and we may
bring in other alterations in the service from time to time without publishing any prior notice.
After the alterations are introduced, our website will be governed by the revised version.
Without informing you, we can change the product pricing, service specifications and
warranties; thus, you should check the “terms and conditions” regularly.
Breach of Terms & Conditions
If you fail to abide by the terms, conditions, agreements and notices, then the rights ascribed to
you will be ended with self-termination without passing on any prior acknowledgement. The
same goes for the downloaded material that you control or possess.
You consent to the policy that you will be responsible for your behaviour. You will try to protect
Zenith Solz and its business partners, employees, agents, joint ventures and third-party
information providers.

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