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All You Need to Know About Keyword Cannibalization and Handling It

Posted in Online Marketing Strategy,Search Engine Optimization,SEO Keyword Cannibalization

When it comes to online digital market, there is a very common misconception that higher the number of pages you will target a keyword, the better the ranking you will get for that keyword. And one of the major belief behind this fact is that the maximum number of pages you are trumpeting your niche, search engine giant like Google will pick up keywords more and will maximize the rankings on SERPs. Well, it’s quite unfortunate but it’s not true at all. In fact, when you are targeting a specific keyword across a number of pages, then it will have completely exact meaning. The results will be completely opposite and you will end up making harm rather than making good for your SEO. The reason is very simple and straightforward! Consider a situation when you have a number of page

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7 Reasons Why You Choose SEO Firm than an In-House Team

Posted in Local Search,Online Marketing Strategy,Search Engine Optimization,SEO seo agency vs inhouse team

So, now your business has realized the importance of search engine optimization and requires to get updated with the latest SEO trends for increasing the online sales. Though half of the businesses sectors give the SEO project to their in-house professionals, but by doing so, the business can waste a lot of time in handling the entire work. Thus, if you want to see a good increase in your sales and also save your time, you can hire reputed SEO firm. For the traditional online marketing experts who are not familiar with the SEO rules and trends; here are some of the top reasons why it is better to hire an experienced and reputed SEO organization than giving all the SEO work to your in-house team. 1. Get In Touch With Team Having Extensive Knowledge When you hire dedicated SEO consu

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