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78 Major Link-Building Ideas that Business Owners Must Try

78 Major Link-Building Ideas that Business Owners Must Try

Posted on November 15, 2017 Posted in Link Building,Search Engine Optimization,SEO

Are you just tired of guest posting and looking for strategies that would shake things a bit? Well, in this write-up, I have provided 79 remarkable link-building ideas that every modern-day business owner can try. Please do buy some time and go through all of them.

link building ideas

    1. Try reaching out to those people, who have linked to you previously when you have launched an exceptional asset.
    2. According to the reputed providers of local SEO in India, entrepreneurs must optimize their websites in a way that common people can share the images with an acknowledging link.
    3. Try incorporating interactive tools such as calculators as they are known for earning quality links.
    4. Make sure to utilize strategies that would increase traffic. For instance, fabricate relevant contents and expose them so that you can earn links from the people, who pay a visit to your site.
    5. People love participating in quizzes and most of them link to the results. If the webpage offering the quiz is customized for each user, do canonicalize it to the home page of your site.
    6. While Google mentioned that the links earned from press releases would not count, they are known for generating a buzz and the concerned press has the potential to create lots of natural links.
    7. The best way to earn links is by regularly providing write-ups to the columns of authoritative websites.
    8. You can pay a visit to the profiles of your competitors and go through their links for discovering opportunities.
    9. You can mention the names of influencers in your contents and let them know if you do so. This would capture their attention and probably the influencer would link to your site.
    10. Another way of earning links would be submitting your podcasts to a reliable directory managed by a top-notch professional and not any software.
    11. Target and use those keywords that are mostly used by journalists, who will then link to your contents for attribution.
    12. According to a reputed local SEO expert, one can earn links if they launch a community like a forum and include more and more people in it.
    13. You are free to create a hoax site that would most surely attract links.
    14. You can request the manufacturers so that they can let the customers know that the products they are looking for in a brick-and-mortar store are available in your website at an affordable price.
    15. Reach out to those people, who have a habit of commenting on popular posts as they are often associated with large communities. These commenters link themselves as well as may ask others to do the same.
    16. You can integrate case studies as they are known for attracting natural links.
    17. Submit your website application to a trusted directory run by professionals. Do the same for your mobile apps too.
    18. Initiate a petition for any cause that you strongly believe in. Supporters would most probably link to this petition and even urge others to take part in it.
    19. The users should find it easy to embed the videos in your site that includes a link.
    20. Incorporate copy/paste functionality so that a link with acknowledgment could be generated.
    21. Link to other websites and let them know so that they can link back to you.
    22. If your site is running peacefully, after a time, it would start losing customers due to lack of action. Business owners are often advised to cultivate controversies so that the site can capture attention.
    23. Submit the e-books to a human-curated and trusted directory.
    24. Link back to the home page of your site from your video profiles.
    25. Ask for quotes from the industry experts and do participate when others run similar types of posts.
    26. You can link to the midlist blogs as they would link back to your site.
    27. Linking the Q/A sites may not be followed but doing so would send traffic to your website for a prolonged period.
    28. Sharing personal stories are known for attracting natural links.
    29. Launch an event. Not only the users would link to this even page but also let others know about it.
    30. You should detect the gaps in a write-up and try to fill those. Also make sure to let the influencer know.
    31. Joining sectors like Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau would let your site earn more high-quality links.
    32. If you do wish to earn more links, make sure to become flexible so that you can step out of your comfort zone. Publish write-ups on and work with varied platforms of diverse industrial domains.
    33. Sponsor events genuinely as doing so explicitly for earning a link would not help.
    34. Make use of ‘reverse image search’ so that you can find out the copies of those pictures that were originally used on your site. Ask them for a link with credit.
    35. Write reviews on varied sites and do link back to your own website from the review profile.
    36. Help the webmasters with all technical issues that they might have been facing. Also assist them by providing works of design and development.
    37. Incorporating interactive games will surely attract natural links and in case they are embeddable, embeds would also link to your site.
    38. Conduct a survey with the help of influencers and post the results on your website. Those involved in the survey would most surely link.
    39. Publishing webinars regularly would also allow your site to attract links.
    40. Debunk the significant myths associated with your industry for attracting links.
    41. Submit your site to a design gallery so that the professionals working there can make it more appealing to visitors.
    42. Get yourself interviewed and arrange the same for influencers. In both the cases, there are chances that you would earn a link.
    43. Make a list of products, influencers, etc.
    44. Interlink all blog posts to the home page of your business website.
    45. Identify the companies, who are using your write-ups or brand names and ask them to provide an attribution link.
    46. Record an audio file and upload it to any trusted website and provide a link to your official site.
    47. Educational websites often provide resource pages and invite individuals so that they can contribute to these resources. You can identify such resource pages and provide your reference.
    48. You can provide testimonials of some products and include them on the landing page to get links back to your home page.
    49. Create an innovating and appealing infographics. Promote the same as well as distribute it to trusted directories. Do not forget to include a snippet so that it can be easily shared.
    50. You can contact those bloggers, who provide link roundups. Send them URL of any of your webpage that you consider valuable and suitable.
    51. Donate to those organizations, which have a habit of linking back.
    52. Link to your website from your varied social media profiles and other forums that you are a part of. If such links manage to bring traffic, they are extremely beneficial and could have a positive impact on SEO.
    53. Find the reliable listings of the sites that belong to your niche and suggest your own website for inclusion.
    54. Write contents on current affairs as that would help you to earn links from reporters.
    55. Create graphs and charts so that you can simplify the complicated data and make it easy for the users to share these along with a link.
    56. If you are involved in designing, get the templates listed in major directories.
    57. Run contests that would encourage discussions regarding your brands and would include links. However, make sure not to ask for links explicitly.
    58. According to the organizations of local search engine marketing, submitting your legal documents to a business directory can attract links.
    59. Websites that have RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds would link to your site naturally.
    60. Search for the best 10 blogs in your niche and reach their contacts for opportunities of link building.
    61. Many sites that provide feedbacks would link if you submit your official site to them.
    62. Send the products to bloggers for a review.
    63. Contact the reporters if you have proprietary information. HARO is a good source to do so but you are free to communicate with the reporters directly.
    64. Use Twitter for finding influencers associated with your niche. Opt for those, who are specifically generous when it comes to working with others,
    65. ‘Moving Man’ is a technique fabricated by Brian Dean. It involves identification of sites that are either relocated or shut down. The method also allows you to contact those people, who have previously linked to the stated sites so that you can ask them to link to your own.
    66. Broken link building is a technique through which one can identify the links to the broken pages and pitch his/her own asset in replacement. While it does have similarity to the ‘moving man’ method, the latter involves scanning of websites for the broken links and the former put emphasis on those links that do not register as 404.
    67. The skyscraper technique is about simulating the value of any eminent URL either by expanding the value of the content or by reaching to those people, who have linked previously to the original content.
    68. You can submit the site to a human-curated and reliable aggregator.
    69. You can create scholarships and contact universities so that they can add links to them.
    70. You can offer discounts to the university students so that the university can link to you.
    71. If your webpage is interactive and dynamic, it would surely capture natural links for being innovative.
    72. You can move on to first break a powerful news story.
    73. Conducting original research can brink natural links.
    74. Fabricate contents that are designed to interact directly with particular subcultures, which would link because that would amplify their messages.
    75. Incorporate snippets in your contents that can be easily copied, shared, and link back to the site.
    76. Submit multimedia listings to reliable directories.
    77. Produce researched and quality white papers as that would attract links.
    78. Buy top-notch websites and allow them to link to your site or merge them using 301 redirects. This technique would help both for link building and branding.

The aforementioned pointers are some amazing link building ideas that you can try out. These would certainly help your business to prosper.

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