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Check Out the Complete List of Google Updates So Far

Check Out the Complete List of Google Updates So Far

Posted on July 8, 2019 Posted in SEO

The Google search algorithm is a sophisticated system that assists millions of people globally to find the right information they are looking for in few seconds. Though each one of the searches happens in an instant, there is actually lot of factors going behind the scenes. Google analyses the search queries, matches with thousands of website pages that are relevant to your information, rank them based on the hundreds, consider the physical location and then return the results to you.

Each year Google takes hundreds of updates to its core and periphery search algorithms. In this guide, you will come to know about the important updates that Google made in these years after the first major update in the year 2000.

Google Updates

In the year 2019

June 2019 Core Update

In the month of June, 2019, Google announced the broad core update before its launching. Though these broad core updates generally happen few times in a year, this one is unique in the scale and impact along with the early warning.



In the year 2018

Medic Update

This update was made in the year 2018, in the month of August. This update to Google’s core algorithm has a major impact about what Google calls- “your money or your life” pages. These pages Google claimed to be potentially harmful to the user’s happiness, financial stability and health.

Mobile Speed Boost

Google announced this update in the month of July. This update includes page speed as one of the ranking factors for the searches that were conducted through the mobile devices. This update was made to boost up the developers to develop the websites that have faster user-experiences.

Video Carousel Update

Google launched this update on June, 2018. Google has stopped showing the results of videos on organic searches. After the update, Google made a segment called the carousel where the videos get moved that shows three video results at a time.

Snippet Length Reduction

Google launched this update in the month of May. Not less than half a year Google increased the limit of the Meta descriptions, the decision was reversed. Meta descriptions are limited within 150-160 characters.

Mobile-First Indexing

This update was launched in the month of March. After one year of experiment, Google introduced its mobile-first indexing strategy. From the time now, various mobile versions of web pages are also used for indexing even before the desktop versions. As the search from the mobile devices was the beginning to surpass desktop traffic.



In the year 2017


This update was launched in the month of December. Maccabees is like several other small updates that came into existence in the same time. The industry professionals noticed the unusual fluctuations in the website traffic.

Featured Snippets Update

In the year 2016, Google launched this feature in the month of October. They found that there is a drop in the featured snippets for most of the common search terms. However, this update remains confirmed.

Google Jobs

Using the data from the career websites, Google started to list the various job opportunities at the top SERP searches.


This update was unconfirmed by the search engines. This further thwarted spam efforts from the black hat SEO and it helped in the improving the quality of SEO results.

Intrusiveness Penalty Update

After the announcement of the last update 5 months earlier, Google rolled out various penalties for the mobile sites and interstitials for impeding the user experience.



In the year 2016

Penguin 4.0

In the month of September, 2016 Google officially rolled the Penguin in the core algorithm. Google has also softened the Penguin penalties, instead of getting the bad links.


This update was not so important but it brought some important changes to the local search. The browsing history of the user also has weight in how the pages are ranked in the results.

Mobile Update 2

As it is seen that most of the web traffic come from the mobile devices, Google enhanced the mobile experience. This update helped in the increasing of the ranking signal for pushing the mobile-friendly sites.

AdWords Update

In the month of February, Google removed the Adwords content from the right-hand column and have been placing the ad-blocks at top of the SERPs that contain the commercial or shopping oriented search engines.



In the year 2015


This update added to the machine –learning capabilities to the GOOGLE search. After the launch of this update, the RankBrain actually improved the results that do not specify the query terms.

Mobile Update

Google announced that the mobile rankings will differ from the desktop rankings.

Quality Update

This update helped in how Google’s core algorithm identified the quality content. Though Google did not offer too much insight, some sites saw a significant drop in the traffic.

E-Commerce Update

However, the Google never confirmed this update but this update helps in handling the incorrect spellings of the common brand names.



In the year 2014

Pigeon Expansion

In the month of December, this update gets launched.

Continuous Penguin Updates

Within 10th December, Google announced the update of Penguin.

DMCA Update

Google reduced the likelihood that the torrent sites will appear in the SERPS.

Penguin 3.0

Google introduced the new version of Penguin in the month of October 2014.

“In the news” Update

Google increased the number of sites that search engine will display in the news results. It also streamlined the news box UUI in the SERPs.


To make the security much more secured, Google added the HTTPs as the ranking signal.


The Pigeon update brought together several elements of Google’s core and the local search algorithms. Due to this update, the search engines placed much more weight on the location history of the user.

Authorship Photo Removal

In the month of July, Google officially removed the authorship photos from SERPs.

Payday Loan 3.0

In the month of June, Google has become much more active to fight against the spam.

Panda 4.0

This update was made in the month of May and it further protected the SERPs against the spammy content and shady SEO rules. It impacted about 7% of the queries.

Payday Loan 2.0

This update actually targeted the specific spam websites and the spammy queries for protecting the effort of the users.



In the year 2013

Authorship Update

This update was unconfirmed by Google. This update indicated the authorship for the upcoming future.


With the help of this update, the conversational search was improved. It started the era of voice search. It helps in making the local search much more precise. It helped in increasing the speed dramatically. It is one of the biggest update of Google since after Caffeine.

In-depth Articles

In August 2013, Google made another update called the news result or the “in-depth article”. This update was made in the month of August.

Knowledge Graph Expansion

This update was made in the month of July. However, this update was unconfirmed by Google but include the results about the companies.

Payday Loan Update

This update was made in the month of June. It is called as the summer update where Google will like to return the results of the spammy search outputs.

Penguin 2.0

This new version for the Penguin update was made in the month of June. This update shows how the spam results gets detected and removed from the SERPs.

Domain Crowding

With the help of this update, Google minimised the likelihood of the domain that will further dominate the SERP results after the two pages.


In May, 2013, several website reported to drop the traffic levels.



In the year 2012

Knowledge Graph Expansion

This update was made in the month of December.

65-Pack Update

This update involves small algorithm improvements as like the improved UI for the movie showtimes and sport scores.

Exact-Match Domains

This update was made in the month of September. Google stopped giving the value to the exact-match domains after this update.

7-Result SERPS

This update was not confirmed.

86-Pack Update

This update was made in the month of August. It includes all the updates made in the summer of 2012. However, most of the updates are small as like the features show the live results of soccer games.

DMCA Penalty

Google started to penalise the webpages having the repeated copyright violations.

39-Pack Update

This update was confirmed in the month of June. This pack includes how the algorithm identified the hacked pages.

Knowledge Graph

This update was made in the month of May. SERPs started to feature more contents on the right side of the page. The knowledge graph also included the people summary that is pulled from Wikipedia.

52-Pack Update

It is the biggest pack of updates made so far. It was confirmed in the month of May. It includes the bug fixes, better handling of the non-English languages, larger snippets and internationalization of the search engines.


This update was confirmed in the month of April. It is also called as the “Webspam Update”. Penguin further penalised the shady SEO Tactics as like keyword stuffing.

Panda 3.5

Once again, Google updated Panda but there were no particular changes.

50-Pack Update

This larger update adds math symbols to autocomplete; improve the handling of various symbols and indexing.

Panda 3.4

For the first time, this update was declared on twitter in the month of March.


With the update of Venice update, Google made search more localised offering the users the results that were tied on one particular location history.

40-Pack Update

This pack of updates was filled with various minor changes to the search engine algorithm as the smaller bug fixes.

Panda 3.3

This update was confirmed in the month of February. The webmasters saw huge growth in the organic referrals.

17-Pack Update

This pack of updates made the autocomplete faster which in turn improves the spelling correction and made the minor adjustments.

Ads above The Fold

In the month of January, Google started to devaluate the pages that were filled with the ads. Google predicted the update.

Panda 3.2

This update was made in the month of January. Here, Google refreshed the way Panda handled the various data with the help of this update.

Search+Your World

With the help of this update, Google started to add the Social search to its SERPs.

30-Pack Update

This update was confirmed in the month of January. Google unveiled the 30 tweaks to its algorithm.



In the year 2011

There are several updates made in this year that includes-

  • 10-Pack Update
  • Freshness Update
  • Query Encryption
  • Panda 2.5
  • Pagination Elements
  • Expanded Sitelinks
  • Panda 2.4
  • Panda 2.3
  • Google+
  • Panda 2.2
  • org
  • Panda 2.1
  • Panda 2
  • +1 Button
  • Panda
  • Attribution Update



In the year 2010

Several updates were made in this year. Let’s have a look-

  • Negative Reviews
  • Social Signals
  • Instant previews
  • Google Instant
  • Brand Update
  • Caffeine
  • May Day
  • Google Places

Among all these updates, the Brand Update and the Social Signal Updates were unconfirmed by Google. The Caffeine was one of the most popular updates done in the year.



In the year 2009

The updates includes-

  • Real-time Search
  • Vince
  • Rel-Canonical Tag

Among these three updates, the Vince update was unconfirmed.



In the year 2008

The updates made on this year includes-

  • Google Suggest
  • Dewey

These two updates were very important.



In the year 2007

  • Buffy
  • Universal Search

Both these updates were unconfirmed.



In the year 2006

  • False Alarm
  • Supplemental Update

Though Google has made no official announcement, there were various updates made as the supplemental index throughout the year 2006.



In the year 2005

  • Big Daddy
  • Google Local/Maps
  • Jagger
  • Gilligan
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Personalized Search
  • Bourbon
  • Allegra
  • Nofollow

Among all these updates made in this year, the Allegra and the Gilligan were unconfirmed by Google.

  • Brandy
  • Austin

Google did not confirm the Austin update.



In the year 2003

  • Florida
  • Supplemental Index
  • Fritz
  • Esmeralda
  • Dominic
  • Cassandra
  • Boston

These are some of the updates made in the year 2003. Among all these updates, the Supplemental Index, Cassandra, Esmeralda and the Dominic were unconfirmed.



In the year 2002

1st Documented Update- It was the first documented update but it was not confirmed by Google.



In the year 2000

The first ever update on Google Toolbar was made.


These are list of Google updates made from 2000 to 2019. Each one of the updates has its own significance. Having such a list of updates help the webmasters to know how search engines work.

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