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Google BERT Updates Rolls Out- What’s the Catch??

Google BERT Updates Rolls Out- What’s the Catch??

Posted on November 11, 2019 Posted in SEO

Google announces the most significant update of the last five years. This new update, called BERT influences 10% of the total search engine queries. Let’s check out what is BERT update and how will it impact Search Engine Optimization.

BERT- The Most Significant Update From Google

If we go by Google’s opinion, this update is going to affect search queries that are subjected to the context. As per Google, these updates revolve around the improvement of language cognizance, specifically for more convenient queries.  BERT is efficient in making out the nuance and context of the searched words; thus, it helps to pull out better results for the search queries.

It will be even more helpful for more conversational queries that include prepositions like ‘to’ or ‘for’. With the help of BERT, the search engine will be able to make out the context of the words mentioned in the query. So, now you can have natural and convenient search experience, all thanks go to BERT!!

google BERT update

How Can You Define BERT Algorithm?

In actuality, BERT is a natural language processing algorithm with advanced training outlook. You can use it on a large body of the search text. It is efficient in managing tasks like identifying the entities, tagging the parts of speech, recognizing the question and answering patterns and more.  In a one-liner, BERT will help Google to understand congenital language text of the searched phrases.

This technology was open-sourced by Google, and others created the variations of BERT.

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is an algorithm that requires thorough learning of natural language processing. BERT makes the understanding of the words in a sentence easier for the machine. The best part is, it performs it with the full nicety of the context.

The Date of Introduction

The official date of announcement of the BERT update was 24th October. However, as per the Google sources, it’s been rolled out for a few days.

On-Page SEO & BERT

As per the algorithm experts, BERT is significantly related to on-page SEO. It’s not going to help the webpages that are poorly written. BERT improvises natural language processing tasks.  It can easily beat human intelligence when it comes to a smooth understanding of the language or word context.

However, what happens when the focus of the page looks too weak? Besides, the pronouns are sometimes a real problem; however, BERT helps in this as well. The bi-directional attribute of BERT has helped in improving the context.

It is expected that there will be more revisions to make this update even more functional. The areas of improvement include the use of clear structure; processing the unprocessed data and change them into semi-processed information, evident structure utilization and more. These things are directly related to internal linking.

Betterment of the Understanding of the Search Query with BERT

The BERT update from Google helps in improving the understanding of the search queries. It doesn’t analyse the webpages; instead, it interprets the queries. For this reason, the significance of On-Page SEO looks even more important. This happens because of the choice and usage of the words. Also, the words should be used in a more precise way. The hit-or-miss contents are not going to help at all.

In other words, BERT is quite similar to a word press plug-in that works as a starting point. After that, it gets customized and improvised.

A Fine Instance

Let’s take a phrase- ‘what’s the grab of God’?

Here, in the U.S context, grab of God means an extremely reasonable communication skill.

So, a few months ago, when the same query was typed in Google, it used to show results related to the New Testament. However, if you type it now, you will get results that tell the meaning of the phrase.

BERT will be able to perform this job precisely with added efficiency. It will help the machine to understand the exact query and produce related results. In a one-liner, it can understand the context of the words. So, of course, the generated results look even more accurate.

Is it the Emergence?

Experts are saying that when BERT was tested with assistants like Google Assistant, it proved that it is capable enough to clarify questions. Yes, there are more to come out!! So, indeed we can say that it’s an emergence of a new trend. Experts also say that the upcoming changes are as massive as a Quantum leap. Naturally, it’s beneficial for website owners since it will generate more organic traffic.

What if the Traffic Drops?

In case you notice a drop in traffic, there’s no need to make any substantial change. At least, you should wait for the period until the dust settles. This is recommended because it’s a common trend of Google to make tweaks in the old updates or release an utterly new update.

So, it’s better to wait a bit and check exactly what’s going on.  Meanwhile, you can identify facts like if still the keywords you’ve used is trending or not. You can also try out determining the ranking or updating the content.

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