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Nine Amazing Ways to Optimize Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Nine Amazing Ways to Optimize Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Posted on June 1, 2018 Posted in Local SEO,Search Engine Optimization

Claiming and verifying the business’s GMB or Google My Business Listing is perhaps the foremost step that an online entrepreneur needs to undertake when formulating local SEO campaign. Getting on GMB and adding facts about the company in concern such as its contact number, official address, working hours, payment procedures, etc. would allow him/her to gain maximum exposure.

Over the past few months, certain exceptional features were integrated into Google My Business so that the entrepreneurs waiting to attain a strong footing on the digital landscape could successfully captivate attention of a large segment of population and frequently show up in Google’s Local Finder, Local Pack, Maps, as well as organic search results in general.
Requesting for and procuring GMB listing is not enough for one needs to optimize his/her position constantly through the variety of aspects already available. Doing so would allow the benefits offered to stay and proliferate. It is also extremely necessary to check the accuracy of business listing every now and then. Want to know more regarding this? If yes, please do buy some time and take a close look at the points mentioned below.

  • Provide all the information that Google is asking for

A GMB profile would only activate if you answer all the questions that Google has put forward. When done, the listing would have certain basic yet valuable data, which would help potential consumers to find you out in the vast web world. Google My Business profiles have ‘suggest an edit’ column, which your competitors might use for tampering the information provided. It could also be used by the consumers. In order to avoid such an issue, top-notch local SEO specialists have asked one to always keep an eye on his/her GMB profile.

  • Engaging Google My Business (GMB) Posts

Google Posts bear close resemblance to the short promotional descriptions that are published on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They could be loosely defined as mini advertisements that crop up in your GMB listing. Log in to GMB dashboard and click on ‘Posts’ for putting out new write-ups. Incorporating images, call-to-action (CTAs), or links to other pages of your website stand to be advantageous. Certain modern-day entrepreneurs also consider adding relevant emojis, which have the potential of driving younger people.

  • Booking Button

As mentioned earlier, Google My Business has been enhanced through the integration of several features and Booking Button is perhaps the most prominent among the lot. Do you have business that requires people to make appointments? If yes, make sure to get the Booking Button, which would allow interested consumers to book for your services directly from your GMB listing. Now isn’t it simply great? This particular facet would allow businesses to prosper by increasing traffic, conversion rates, and sales.

  • Messaging

When creating a GMB profile, make sure to start the messaging option as doing so would allow customers to send you texts directly. This stands to be an exceptional way through which you can interact with your clients and long-lasting relationships based upon mutual trust as well as understanding could be created. Many business owners do not feel comfortable giving their personal phone numbers. In such a case, they can download the Allo app, which would allow them to connect their phone number with their GMB account. All messages sent for Google My Business would now appear on the Allo app.

  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Utilizing the Q&A feature of Google My Business Listing would most surely help you to be acquainted with the queries of consumers and provide the opportunity to respond to them directly. No notifications are given when a new question is asked on the GMB dashboard. To be alerted, you have to install the Google Maps. At present, Google has started sending emails for notifying business owners that they received questions from customers.

  • Online Reviews

Well-known local SEO specialists have repeatedly emphasized upon the immense importance of online reviews. As a business owner, you must request your clients to leave comments on how they felt by procuring your services. The reviews can successfully influence SEO rankings because according to a survey conducted, about 97% of contemporary consumers read reviews before purchasing a product or using a service and almost 85% of them trust them. Responding to the reviews, no matter positive or negative, also stands to be incredibly important.

  • Photos & Videos

Even though internet was supposed to be all about textual data, lately, visual appeal has also acquired much significance. Thus, prior to activating your GMB profile, make sure to integrate as much photos and videos you can because that would effectually humanize your brand and allow your customers to know how the organization actually works. The images or recordings must be of high quality so that visitors could open and comprehend them without any sort of difficulty. They should also be capable of functioning in mobile devices.

  • Business Descriptions

Google has recently allowed entrepreneurs to include a pertinent business description that would allow customers to know a bit about the company before they actually visit its official website. Well, there are a few guidelines that you need to follow when writing a business description. For example, only 250 characters would emerge in GMB listing even though you are allowed to create descriptions of 750 characters.

  • Menus and Services

Do you own a company that offers a wide-range of services? If yes, make sure to add a definite menu, clicking on which people would come to know what kinds of services are provided. This option is specifically available if your business belongs to the domain of beauty, food & drinks, health, etc. Categorizing items is considered highly important because it could enhance user experience to a large extent.

Now that you are aware of the varied tips that you need to keep in mind while listing in Google My Business, feel free to indulge in the process right away. Implementing all the aspects specified above would most certainly allow you to make the most out of GMB and let your company relish exceptional benefits starting from high ranks to more traffic and profits.

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