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Positive Reviews Are Better to Share- What Google My Business Reveals

Positive Reviews Are Better to Share- What Google My Business Reveals

Posted on May 13, 2019 Posted in Local Search,Local SEO

Google My Business is going to launch a new feature that will help the business owners to showcase their positive reviews. Google My Business or GMB will automatically suggest for the positive reviews that are to be shared from the customers through the Google posts. The suggestions for the positive reviews will appear as when you sign in to Google My Business. Or, they even the suggestions will be sent to the business owners through email notification.

Only the latest reviews having 4-5 stars are recommended, and even the business owners have the option to edit the reviews before they publish. Google announcement says that this feature is becoming popular in many countries. Though, Google cannot say which countries are getting access to this particular feature. Google posts have ways to share their positive reviews. Apart from appearing on the Google My Business Page, they appear on the Maps and on search results too. By default, the Google posts stay live on the search for at least 7 days and soon after the reviews get published, they stay up to 14 days.

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So, it is a good idea to go through the posts at least once a week for new reviews and then share. The Google posts can also include the CTA, which are used at the time of sharing the reviews. For instance, if the customer leaves the excellent review about a particular product or service, you can add the CTA with the link of the product or service page. Google posts can also include 10 images and videos that are useful for adding more attention to the reviews when they are published.

Though this feature is minor in relevance, it can put a strong impact on the brand name that is trying to build its identity. Google My Business suggests the companies share its 4-5 stars reviews that will help in enhancing the visibility of the brand and also helps in improving the public perception about the business. Google My Business is always being one of the most powerful tools that business utilizes for expanding the digital presence. The new feature mentioned in this article will help the organizations to get more targets from the GMB profile. Sharing the reviews will help the business to establish itself as a strong and reliable brand.

Apart from this feature, Google My Business has also allowed the brands to add the shortened names and URLs to the company profile. This added feature will help the businesses to share the information to the customers easily and fast. The shortened URL has the format like the[yourcustomname] keeping the 5 characters for the name. Using this shortened URL will help the users to redirect to the Google My Business page. The short name is the part of the shorter URL. It is also a good feature. Hence, if you want to enhance your brand’s presence, opt for any one of these features of Google My Business.

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