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Top Three Content Formats for Link Building – A Guide for SEO Executives

Top Three Content Formats for Link Building – A Guide for SEO Executives

Posted on September 21, 2018 Posted in Content Marketing,Link Building

Are you looking for creating GIF or infographic to attract links? Then check out here a list of the pros and cons of different visual elements. In this post, we will also reveal their effectiveness in attracting links.

The above image shows that the interactive format of content (the orange portion) gets more links and coverage than the other forms. In this article, we will discuss the top three types of content formats, and the list includes the following:

  • Interactive
  • GIF
  • Long-form content

Links are still the most important ranking factor in SEO. So, if you want to improve your SEO ranking, then you have to hire SEO expert in India, as well as in the other countries in the world. Professional SEO executives will help you to build quality links. Meanwhile, you must also be aware of the best content formats for link building. Knowing about these formats will help you take your link building campaign to the next level.

#1 Interactive
In the last few years, this type of interactive content format has emerged as the best way for building links. An interactive piece of content allows users to interact with it to share different perspectives on a topic. A sophisticated piece of content like quizzes or calculators comes in this category.

Pros of Using Interactive Format

  • It allows users to present multiple angles on the topic.
  • Visitors can easily drive into different parts of the content.

Cons of Using Interactive Format

  • Without a front-end web developer, you won’t be able to apply this technique.
  • You will also need a professional developer for uploading the interactive content.

#2 GIF
If you are looking for content-driven link building ideas, then GIFs can be your best pick. This practice is a middle ground between an interactive content format and static graphic.

Pros of Using GIF Format

  • You can easily achieve the effect of interactive without having any development resources.
  • When loaded, the GIF will start playing automatically. So, users do not need to do anything to get your message.

Cons of Using GIF Format

  • GIFs are not responsive by default.
  • You may face initial resistance when pitching GIFs to clients.

Many companies offer affordable search engine optimization packages in India, as well as in the other countries in the world. Before booking such a package ensure that it is comprised of quality link building services.

#3 Long-form Content
This type of content format lack of flashiness and visual impact. However, if your content is genuine and full of resources, then you can still expect to attract new links.

Pros of Using Long-form Format

  • It provides an opportunity to implement outreach on a constant basis.
  • It will give you the opportunity to show your expertise on the given topic.

Cons of Using Long-form Format

  • People prefer to skim rather than reading. So, getting them to read your content can be a challenging job.

So, these are the content formats that you can use for building links. In case if you run a local business even then, you can follow these techniques. Meanwhile, you also have to hire professional local SEO experts. Apart from just link building, they will also help you to deal with other local SEO services such as directory listing. These services will improve the overall performance of your local business.

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