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Your Online Competitors May Not Be Your Rivals

Your Online Competitors May Not Be Your Rivals

Posted on June 7, 2019 Posted in Local Search,Local SEO,Search Engine Optimization,SEO

If we ask who your competitors are then you could probably name two or three without even blinking but what if we told you that many of your competitors might not be your business rivals. When we think about our competitors, we mainly think about those companies that operate in the same market and deal with the same products or services like ours.

Here it is important to understand that all the companies, blogs, social profiles, or business directories that dominate the first page of your target keywords are your true competitors. In case if they are not your direct competitors even then, you have to compete against them. Anyone who has occupied the search result space that you targeted is your real competition.

Organic Non-Competition

Your real competitors may rank for many of your target keywords. Meanwhile, you also have to compete against others that are not your direct competitors, but they have created content based on your niche. The type of their content can be DIY or informational blogs. Many of them may rank before your site for many of your profitable keywords. You might not compete against them for dollars, but now you have to compete against them for traffic.

Let us take the example of “wedding photography” So just open a browser and search the term. The search engine result page will look something like this:

wedding photography search

If you see the search result carefully, then you will find plenty of direct competitors that offer photography services. Meanwhile, you will also find there a directory of photographers and blog for wedding photography tips.

So now it is fair to conclude that your non-competitor competitors have occupied the positions that you deserve. So now it is your job to unseat them unless it won’t be possible for you to make room for your website. Well, it really does not matter who you unseat, but the fact is you have to unseat someone if you want to make your position at the search engine result page for that keyword.

Here we will mainly focus on old-fashioned SEO to unseat the competition. So, first of all, perform keyword research. After that, create quality content based on the target keyword. Finally, at the last stage of the process, you have to optimize your SEO title, URL, alt tags, and meta description. But beyond all these technical things, you have to focus on the search intent.

We always recommend individuals to optimize their website for searcher intent. In this case, search intention will play a more significant role. First of all, you have to get into the mind of the searcher. So again, we will take the example of “wedding photography.” Now ask yourself what they are looking for. They might search for photographers, or they might also need general information or tips. So, perform a search with your target keywords and see what you find. If you find that the keyword is not producing results similar to your business, then you should try searching by using different keywords or more specific and long-tail phrases.

For example, you can consider optimizing your site for “wedding photographers in (your business location).”  It will surely change the result page as well as the nature of the competition.

wedding photography australia search

Social Media Non-Competition

Search engines are not the only place where you have to face competitors. You also have to make strategies to outrank your social media non-competitors.

In social media, the challenge will be even more difficult. Here you don’t just have to fight against your competitors. But you also have to face the content of your audience’s friends and family. Here it is also important to understand that different social media networks are also updating and adjusting their algorithms in a way so that you can reach less instead of more.

In a situation like this if you want to make the most of your social media profiles, then you have to create interesting, informative, entertaining, and useful content. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, then you should consider sharing posts about wedding day tips. This type of content will get more likes and sharing.

You can also consider asking questions that will encourage interactions. For example, you can ask, “What’s your favorite wedding movie or song?”

If you want to improve the social media performance of your brand, then you have to focus on creating and promoting interesting, funny, and engaging content. It will definitely boost the reach of your business.

Overcoming Non-Competition

In this digital world, your so-called “competition” may not be your traditional rival. Your online competitors may belong to some other countries, an old lady who runs a street shop or a young blogger who work on his mom’s laptop.

The key to competing in this digital world is to stand out. It might sound easy, but it won’t be as simple as you think. If you want to beat your competitors, then, first of all, you have to identify them.

Here it is important to understand that your audience isn’t just limited within your industry. It’s not only in the search or in social media. They are everywhere.  Now anyone can fill the space that you want to be or grab the attention that you want.  After finding them, you have to make strategies so that you can unseat them.

In this digital landscape beating your competition means finding a creative way so that you can engage your target customers in a better way. Your content is just the starting point. But what you do after that will make the real difference.

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