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A Note on ‘Big Content’ and its Role in Link-Building

A Note on ‘Big Content’ and its Role in Link-Building

Posted on January 10, 2018 Posted in Content Marketing,Search Engine Optimization,SMO

Are you trying to build links with blogs and articles of 500 words? If yes, you are simply wasting your time. The bitter truth is that in most cases publishers do not link to ordinary contents especially if they fail to add value.

Obsession of SEOs to Scale Down Link-building Methods of Inferior Quality

One of the biggest problems with search engine optimization (SEO) is that they try to scale down almost everything. Let us understand this with an example.

Guest blogging is one of those strategies that stand beneficial for both the host and his or her targeted audience. Such write-ups perceive topics in an exclusive manner and aim to maximize brand exposure as well as help entrepreneurs so that they can build strong relationships with their clients. In addition, quality links can also be generated through guest blog posts. While we all know that it takes substantial amounts of time and effort to create guest blogs, the extensive domain of SEO tried to scale this particular tactic. Most of the SEOs after Penguin update indulged in churning 300-word blogs, which were published via websites like ‘My Blog Guest’. However, it is in the year 2014 that the said tactic was banned and people were forbidden to produce guest posts of low quality in high quantities. In a response to this, SEOs started churning 500-word contents as guest blogs.

Offer Publishers with Relevant Reasons to Link

Link-building tactics have changed a lot in the past few years. Lately Entrepreneur, Inc. and Forbes have added ‘no-follow attributes’ to the outgoing links within blogs and articles making it extremely difficult to procure genuine opportunities of guest blogging. Do you want to know the reason behind this? Well, this happened because SEOs have a tendency to abuse almost anything. Publishers are thus compelled to no-follow the links, which ensures that they are not penalized for selling links manually. In many cases, publishers do not feel the urge to link to external contents and prefer to retain readers for their own sites. Therefore, they are left with no other option that to link out.

As per the aforementioned discussion, if you do wish publishers to link to your site, you have to do something unique. The best way to assure SEOs that you are effectually adding value while linking is through big content.

Big Content

What is Big Content?

Big Content refers to those campaigns that one runs on client’s behalf. It is an amalgamation of varied formats and cannot be replicated by publishers. The technique is known for having a different approach as it tries to assess and include those contents, which cannot be duplicated and would not offer value unless a publisher links to it. For example, a tool that would allow common people to compare their earnings with the famous Kardashians and detect the ways by which these celebrities are able to make such huge sums within a short period. It was used for about 200,000 times, shared on the social media platforms for 10,000 times, and acquired links from many reputed root domains like Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Bustle, MTV, Glamour, etc.

Aspects of Big Content

  • Big Content stands to be an interactive tool that could be designed as well as developed in 2 to 3 days.
  • Anyone who has heard about this tool felt the urge to use it at least once. In addition to providing links, it can allow users to have an agreeable experience.
  • If a publisher does not link, the big content would not really make any sense. This tool is all about teaching individuals to earn links.
  • Big content is shareable. In other words, you can share your experiences as well as the tool itself on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • The Kardashians tool would surely elicit emotion. It would make you angry when you would learn that these celebrities earn your annual salary within an unusually short time period.
  • Big content is known for keeping pace with the current trends. The Kardashians tool was launched when they rolled out to the television.

How to begin with Big Content?

Prior to developing your big content, make sure to keep certain essential things at the back of your mind. Some of those are as follows:

  • You need to have a definite story that publishers can get from the contents.
  • The format has utmost significance and you need to adhere to it.
  • Do make the big content simple because no one would like to answer 50 questions or more for getting results.
  • Finally, yet importantly, you do not necessarily need to have a big budget. This tool is all about convincing publishers to link.

How to achieve Success with Big Content?

It takes a lot of patience as you would not get desirable outcomes right away. If you have faced failures many times, make sure to have a talk with your team members and try identifying the issue. Analyze all the unsuccessful campaigns and offer strategies through which things could be made better. Suppose your infographic did not earn links. Well, ask yourself if the content would have performed better as an interactive tool or survey perhaps. Conduct a comprehensive research, add value, and provide publishers with feasible reasons to link.

Some Famous Examples of Big Content

  • “JustPark – The Emergency Stop Game”- Games are perhaps the most prominent examples of big content as everyone feels excited to share and hence compare the results. The said game is known for displaying exactly how old a player’s reactions are. It has managed to earn over 2600 links.
  • “Cewe Photoworld – Photos Of Instagram”- Although a bit outdated now, this tool allows you to know exactly how far your Instagram pictures would have reached in a year if you have decided to print them all. It is fantastic and has earned as many as 350 links.
  • “ – London’s Best Commuter Hotspots”- The website has run this campaign twice. This simple and interactive tool displays a message for all Londoners informing them that there are a series of options, which one can relish, even though they do not live in the central part of the nation.

Big content has managed to earn extensive recognition because this concept can be applied to almost any niche. Just make sure to provide publishes with sufficient amount of reasons to link to your contents. This would surely let you succeed.

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