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Google Has Launched the New Portal for Small Businesses

Google Has Launched the New Portal for Small Businesses

Posted on June 28, 2019 Posted in Local SEO

For celebrating the International Small Business Day, Google has launched the new website that will suggest its various products that seem like the best suitable for any of business. The Google for the Small Business portal was declared at the “GROW GOOGLE” Learning Center in NY City, where the company is going to offer a variety of workshops and classes. At the event, Kim Spalding, the global product director of Google for the small business ads, explained that the website “gives everyone the perfect place to start with the Google products”. She said, “Small business owners struggle with time” and particularly don’t have time to become experts on digital marketing.

So, on the new website, they can enter the name of their organization and website (If they have the one). Then they will answer a few questions about the business and the goals. Google will create the personalized and prioritized list of actions that involve launching ad campaigns, building up the online presence or installing Google analytics. Spalding suggested that it can be useful for the small businesses that are just going to start and for the well-established businesses that have started to develop the digital strategy.

Google analytics

While Google for the Small Business recommends a wide range of items, Spalding indicated two “hero tools” that are in the line-up- Google My Business allows the business owners to create their profiles and also the websites and it is a completely free product to start from the trash. Google also launched the Smart Campaigns last year for automating the ad-buying process for several small business sectors.

Google for Small Business included the web portal that is designed in such a manner that the entrepreneurs can find their business tools and services. On the website, the business owners can find out-

New Portal for Small Businesses

  1. Personalized Plans

You can tell your business name, answer to some of the questions about the business and then select the goal. You will then receive the process step-by-step as a tailored plan of recommended products for helping you to stand out online, reaching much more customers and work efficiently. The recommendations will include the products that will be helpful in all three sections having a special focus on the goals that are important to you.


  1. in-Person Workshops

You should locate the free Grow with Google workshops that is going on near you for hands-on help and advice.


  1. Latest News

You can stay updated on Google’s small business-focused goals and services.


This guide is helpful as it provides information on the new portal launched by Google for small business. Google claimed that it helped to create more than $335 billion economic activities for millions of businesses, non-profit organizations and website publishers.

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