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Things To Know About SEO Campaign Failure

Things To Know About SEO Campaign Failure

Posted on April 7, 2017 Posted in Local SEO

Does the SEO efforts that you are doing are hitting the margin? It is the right time that you should recheck the strategies before it becomes too late. The year 2017 is really a big year for the SEO professionals. There are some important trends in Accelerated Mobile Pages, Mobile-first indexing, RankBrain and some other advanced developments in the Google’s algorithms will continue to establish the course in the coming years. This strategy will make the old ones to be obsolete and the professionals will shift to the updated SEO strategies.

If your SEO performance is affecting already, here are some of the reasons that may be the cause of the downfall and here are some of the ways that can help you to come back in the earlier position.


It can be first reason for the drawback. It can cause the ranks to go down. In this section, here are some other points that you have to remember.

  1. The website architecture

Most of the SEO experts try to make some of the best website architectures to bring up the ranks gain back. If the website architecture is too much complex, it requires the users to make more than two clicks to get in the page that they want to get high bounce rates. Difficulty in the navigation between the pages and the drop down menus having lots of links are the initial culprits. Some of the best type of practices you can do for improving the architecture of the site includes-

All the main pages are available from the header of the homepage

Optimize the HTML and CSS code for improving the crawl ability

The structure of the site should always follow a predictable order

The local SEO experts use the breadcrumbs to help in the function of navigation

When you are improving the structure of the website, you may get the awarded site links by the Google’s algorithm that will help increasing the performance of SERPs.

  1. Website speed

The speed of the website is one of the ranking factors. If you just improve the load time of the site, you can see the improvement of the site. One of the good ways to identify the speed of the site is to take help of the Google’s Pagespeed insights tool. Some of the common things that can be improved by upgrading the server or you can invest in better type of hosting, minimize the redirects, use the external hosting, cleaning the codes, resize the compress the images and use the content delivery network.

  1. Make the site responsive

Mobile is now replacing the use of the desktop. People are using the mobile phones more for searching and browsing the internet. This initiates to make it responsive which is also very important to increase the speed of the site. To reach the goals, your site should confirm the speed requirements like using the responsive design or the site to be dynamic, the SEO experts work with the AMP principles, the site should be built as the Progressive Web App and so on.


There are few on-page SEO practices that you may be missing out and that is making your site down. Here are some of the important rules-

First, think about the URL. If the URL structure is poor, it will be confusing for both the users and the search engines. Be sure that the URL is clear and descriptive, including the keywords, should follow a logical order and it should be separate with words.

In the case of the Meta Tags, it is better that you and the relevant Meta tags in the way the page appears in the SERPs. The Meta title tag and Meta description are the important aspects of creating the Meta tags.

Now the matter is in the link structure. On-page SEO is not done properly without having a god structure and also without cleaning the broken links. The more internal links you are having on the site, there are more chances to get more ranks.


Apart from creating the internal linking, making the inbound links is also important. It is one of the important factors to consider the ranks of the site. Consider the following points when you are working on the link building strategy-

  • Do not participate in the link networks
  • Focus on making the content on the website that has value and also it can be used as the resource by other users
  • Discover the competitor’s backlinks and also learn the techniques they follow



The content that you are having in your site is very important when you are considering the ranking factor. When you are making the content, it should be short but it should not be a duplicate one. The content that is present on the website should not be irrelevant. The content should be informative about the topic and should have good links.


The concept of SEO is changing and it is reflected in its search behavior, search algorithms, and developments. All these are the explosion of the contents. To stay on top of the list, you should revisit the main sections of digital marketing strategy and find out what is working and what is not. The most important thing for maintaining the rank is to keep working on it.





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